Adding apocalyptic survival to your business strategy seems like a viable option – CB Structures Inc

CB Structures Inc: hands-on survival advice

Image of zombies approaching Pole Barn or Post Frame Buildings from CB Structures IncWhether it be zombies – or their less virulent but just as dangerous lower cousins,  the wild vagrant horde, CB Structures Inc have put together a rather wonderful little article about creating a barn suitable for survival. And they should know, they’ve been in the business of building barns for over 20 years. Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it.  But it’s true and a classic example of Sci-fi Fantasy bleeding into real-world fact.

Their article covers barn design tips, including:

  •     A 15-point food and equipment stocking checklist
  •     A 10-point weapon stocking checklist
  •     Tips for assembling a survival team Post-apocalypse strategies

A classic example of Sci-fi Fantasy bleeding into real-world fact


This wags my tail bone because it fits seamlessly into one of the key concepts of the zombie / Hastur-apocalypse RPG called Yellow Dawn – building settlements, repairing and improving structures using scavenged resources, and utilising skills rarely used in most other RPGs to actually create a survival environment.




Available in paperback or Kindle

Paperback: LULU & Amazon Kindle US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro), FR (Euro)

THE BLACK LAKE: The Earth has been ravaged by an event known as Yellow Dawn. Ten years later, survivors are putting lives back together and probing the frontiers of a new Wilderness; whilst overhead the orbital colonies slide across the sky, removed and unaffected. Five men leave the fortress island of Malta on an expedition to the sub-Arctic waters above Scotland. They intend to undertake scientific observations of an alien meteorological phenomenon that has followed the apocalyptic event. What they find is a cosmic horror that seethes amongst the shadows of a shattered Earth. It is a story of escape and wonder, of madness and terror. David J Rodger’s trademark unforgiving rendering of harsh reality, and relentless narrative pace, are here in palm-sweating abundance, delivered in a novel that tears open a rent in the boundary of reality, providing a nerve-jarring glimpse of the Outer Chaos and the horrors that lurk just beyond the threshold of our fragile, human existence.


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