Video: Sci-fi short movie True Skin is a dream interface between Cyberpunk and the Hollywood machine


Cyberpunk edging closer to the mainstream?

Maybe you like your niche sub-genres to stay that way but the decades-old concepts of Cyberpunk (and even Steampunk for that matter following journalistic narrative at the London Paralympic Games) are starting to attract the more mainstream attention. It’s not surprising, as everyday technology begins to bleed seamlessly into the crossover between Science Fiction and Science Fact. This, combined with social and economic paradigm shifts  as the excesses of corporate greed are exposed and then, deftly, acknowledged and more-or-less ignored as the status-quo; and the financial greenhouses that were first built-in the 1950s and given an extra layer of insulation in the 1980s  suffer from shattered window panes and a superstructure caving-in on itself.  More homeless on the street.   And a more organised and sinister set of groups ready to exploit the shadows on the street…

Here’s a short film by Stephan Zlotescu, that nails the cyberpunk theme like a Gloxx neural interface jack custom grown for a private client.

Scott Glassgold, co-chief of IAM Entertainment, is managing the risk-riddled campaign of consolidating the vast interest in the short film in order to expand the concept rapidly and “get it out there” to a wider audience in more formats. The key point here is that Hollywood might take more notice of the sub-genre and the flavours that are vital to this particular techno-criminal-fashion-candy soup. Selective surgery; cybernetic and bio-engineered implants; reality augmentation and infinite digital realms; the individual as zero and god-like hero; corporations as warring states with private armies of varying degrees of quality and legality.


It’s a beautiful sub-genre. Sci-fi has never had so much burning chrome plating its lower flanks.

Enjoy the short movie.


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