Music: new soundtrack for a new period of my life – Jon & Vangelis, The Friends of Mr Cairo (1981)

The Friends of Mr Cairo

I’ve been a fan of Vangelis for a long time but without ever really exploring deep into his body of work beyond a few albums I happened to stumble on back in the early noughties.  A while ago I decided to take a deeper look and was stunned by how many albums he’s done. I bought a load in one batch and now, at various points, when a new project is starting up or life feels like it’s entering a new phase, I grab a fresh one, load it up and listen to it to create a soundtrack to the moment.  This one (The Friends of Mr Cairo) is incredibly dated and so all the more fantastic for it.  Genuine early 80s, complete with that avant-garde enthusiasm for experimentation and mixing sounds with audio-visual theatre.  It’s also the first Vangelis work I’ve heard where he’s collaborated with a vocal artist (excluding the mind blowing Mythodea with sopranos Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman, and the chorus of the Greek National Opera). If you’re expecting the science fiction drama of Bladerunner you’re going to be disappointed.  But if you’re in the mood for some very uplifting and jolly good music, then expect to be delighted.

Jon and Vangelis The Friends of Mr Cairo

Jon and Vangelis The Friends of Mr Cairo – click to view on Amazon


Video from album (1981)


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