Free Friday Giveaway – win the latest novel by David J Rodger just by retweeting this

The Black Lake – a post-apocalyptic haunting

  • EDIT @ 19th October 2012 – 19.23 GMT, okay I’ve used my super whizzy excel spreadsheet and picked a random winner who is @leanmachine69 just waiting to confirm details and I’ll post about this properly. Thanks to everyone who took part,
  • EDIT @ 19th October 2012 – 8.33 GMT – hi folks, today’s the day. I’ll be picking a lucky winner after 5pm UK time. I’ll post the name of the winner here.

Science Fiction Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger is going to give away a paperback copy of his latest novel, The Black Lake, to one random person who has retweeted this post (ensure you include @davidjrodger).  No reason other than the search for more publicity and exposure of his work to a wider audience.

Next free giveaway: Friday 19th October 2012

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About the book:


Available in paperback or Amazon Kindle

Paperback: LULU & Amazon Kindle US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro), FR (Euro)

THE BLACK LAKE: The Earth has been ravaged by an event known as Yellow Dawn. Ten years later, survivors are putting lives back together and probing the frontiers of a new Wilderness; whilst overhead the orbital colonies slide across the sky, removed and unaffected. Five men leave the fortress island of Malta on an expedition to the sub-Arctic waters above Scotland. They intend to undertake scientific observations of an alien meteorological phenomenon that has followed the apocalyptic event. What they find is a cosmic horror that seethes amongst the shadows of a shattered Earth. It is a story of escape and wonder, of madness and terror. David J Rodger’s trademark unforgiving rendering of harsh reality, and relentless narrative pace, are here in palm-sweating abundance, delivered in a novel that tears open a rent in the boundary of reality, providing a nerve-jarring glimpse of the Outer Chaos and the horrors that lurk just beyond the threshold of our fragile, human existence.

About the author:

David J Rodger Identity Card for Arkham Asylum - Orbital Lab

.More information [click]

 Legal blurb:

Winner will be selected randomly from anybody who has tweeted this post, or used RT on an existing Tweet. Being involved in this promotion does not guarantee you will win.  Only one winner will be selected for any given week (using the published win date for Free Friday Giveaway as the end of the campaign).  Only one paperback novel will be shipped, and this will come directly from LULU Publishing.  The winner can choose to select another of David J Rodger’s novels or the RPG game Yellow Dawn if they prefer.


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