Yesterday I shook hands with Hercule Poirot

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I’m not long back from a week in Sicily, a road trip weaving through sites of ancient history, Agrigento with its Valley of the Temples (Concordia, the Temple of Heracles, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Hephaestos, the Temple of Demeter, and the Temple of Asclepius – the God of Medicine), Villa Romana del Casale with its incredible 3rd century mosaics perfectly preserved, Syracuse and the grand harbour where Archimedes (287 BC – 212 BC) helped fight off various sea-based invasions with his incredible military inventions. And then to Taormina – beautiful Taormina – with its dense cluster of narrow lanes and tangled paths and steep steps leading up and down the staggering cliffs and rocky protrusions that surround the area. Also the setting for major scenes in two of my novels, Dante’s Fool (1997) and Iron Man Project (2004) – but I’d only ever visited there before in my mind, through research, so it was a great thrill to be there in the flesh… walking in the footsteps of Vincent Brent, Natalya Dorganskya and Jean-Luc Korda.

I digress.

Getting back to England the post-travel blues were swept away by a swift visit to Cheltenham where I got to enjoy an audience with the actor David Suchet, as he discussed his career to date, and the very special contribution he has made to the wonders of Agatha Christie. On the 15th October he’ll be starting filming of the very last Poirot story – roughly 23 days of filming; followed by filming of the previous and final four stories (The LeMesurier Inheritance is being bundled into The Labours of Hercules).  Once completed, it will make David Suchet the only actor to have ever completed performances of every Poirot story in Christie’s canon of work.  Something the man should be very proud of because he has done such a wonderful job of it.  David Suchet is one of the few genuine heroes I hold in my mind.  So it was an insane treat to be able to meet him at a little area later, shake his hand and share some words with him: I spoke about the Simplon Orient Express – his visible pleasure of being able to ride it to Venice, how I thought his performance in Murder on the Orient Express was sublime.  The man is an absolute gentleman charmer – and a secret comedian. Very intelligent. Very witty. Fantastic to meet and talk to.

For hours later, I kept looking at my hand thinking… wow. I shook hands with Hercule Poirot.


Actor David Suchet - Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot shakes hands with British Sci-fi Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger at Cheltenham Lit Fest 2012

Actor David Suchet (Hercule Poirot ) shakes hands with David J Rodger




Iron Man Project - a cyberpunk thriller by British sci-fi cyberpunk author David J Rodger

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6 thoughts on “Yesterday I shook hands with Hercule Poirot

  1. Wow. What a moment, and what a picture! He’s an amazing talent, and the thought and art he puts into his roles is very impressive. It’s great that you got a chance to chat. Very cool, matey.

  2. I’m rather envious. You met Poirot… and shook his hand… and spoke to him. I’m sure you’ve watched HP on TV since, and you must have had a different sensation.

    • *smiles* funny you say that Kelvin. After the event I went to Jules house with Oj and we sat down and watched an episode of HP. And yeah, it was different.. in a good way.

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