Return of the Mood

My personal cerebral phenomenon

computer graphic image of the human brain - the mood - a form of synthinasia maybe

Cerebral Phenomenon

It’s that time again. When my sense of smell and taste gets overwhelmed by something that doesn’t actually exist; it also carries an emotional signal – a Mood.  So it’s a smell, a taste and an emotion.  Weird huh?  I get them every now and then.  There are a couple of different flavours. One that stems from the my first experience of it back in 1981… when I was reading James Herbert’s The Fog – a smell like burned cheese.  But this one I’m going through now is very different and is my utter favourite and was first encountered back in 1989, the month I started writing, aged 19, the same month the Berlin Wall fell. It’s an incredibly evocative experience, invading everything  and creating The Mood. Very hard to describe in any kind of words.  It just… is.   This one lasted for just over a week, mainly whilst I was away in Sicily (got back couple days ago) so it brings a bunch of very nice and positive memories into the folder of memories now associated with the times I’ve experienced this odd personal phenomenon.


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