Free MP3 download – Ambient electronica of the 2 kiloton nuclear kind – Ryan Griffin gets into a narrative mix – via ASIP

White Light


Free MP3 download - Ambient electronica of the 2 kiloton nuclear kind – Ryan Elliott gets into a narrative mix – via ASIP

White Light – Ryan Griffin- gets into a narrative mix – via ASIP

Another audio gem from the harlequin king within his – a strangely isolated place– handing out his gifts of music for moods and soundscapes to write or dance to.

I’ve subscribed to the ASIP site and every few days get a new delight materializing within my inbox.

You can download White Light, safely and for free, here (click the link and scroll down to the download option).

I’m heading off to Sicily soon. A road trip through coastal towns and hired guides taking me to sites of ancient history.  This mix arrived in my inbox and I dipped in for a sample and it just utterly grabbed me. Perfect for this moment in my life.  The trip is going to be pretty spectacular because I’ll finally get to visit Taormina in the flesh. This is a place I first found through research only, and used in the novel Dante’s Fool (1999), and more substantially in the novel Iron Man Project (2004).  So this free mix download is going to be the soundtrack to some awe-inspiring memories I reckon. 


This mix marks a new phase for Ryan Griffin. In his own words:

This is one of the first mixes ive put together with a complete story in mind. It began after I watched a video which showed five men as they stood on the ground as an Atomic bomb was detonated 10,000 ft above their heads.  It’s pretty powerful and thought provoking for so many reasons. For example, this ‘test’ would never happen today with real people, so I found it ridiculously intriguing to watch and listen to, but it also made me think about what would’ve happened for real, when a nuclear bomb was dropped during wartime. From the very first moment; what you see, what you would think, how the country recovers, the thoughts the victims go through, the hope it inspires and the new life it creates. Pretty deep I know, but I really enjoyed trying to pick tracks which invoked these emotions and told a story from start to finish.

– Ryan Griffin- A Strangely Isolated Place



01. [The Drop] “Five Men At Atomic Ground Zero”
02. [The Moment] Norge – 165 Minutes With You (Forthcoming on ASIP)
03. [The White Light] Segue – House Of Cards (Dewtone)
04. [The Realisation] Wolfmaps – Landforms (Futuresequence)
05. [The Angst] The American Dollar – Par Avion (Self-released)
06. [The Clearing] Four Tet – Peace For Earth (Text)
07. [The Realisation] Max Cooper – Gravity Well (Forthcoming on Traum)
08. [The Determination] Lusine – Make It Easy (John Tejada Remix) (Ghostly)
09. [The Hope] Loess – Sofar (Toytronic)
10. [The Return to Life] Crisopa – Gaviot (n5MD)
11. [The Complicated Memories] Onego – Ne Serdis’ (Forthcoming on Fuselab)
12. [The New Life] Martin Nonstatic – Vertraumt (Subspiele)
13. [The View From Above] Aurastore – Outside The Sol System (Energostatic)



Five Men Stand Under A Atomic Bomb As It Detonates At Ground Zero

The video Ryan references is this one.

Words by []  On July 19, 1957, five Air Force officers and one photographer stood together on a patch of ground about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. They’d marked the spot “Ground Zero. Population 5″ on a hand-lettered sign hammered into the soft ground right next to them.

As we watch, directly overhead, two F-89 jets roar into view and one of them shoots off a nuclear missile carrying an atomic warhead.

They wait. There is a countdown. 18,500 feet above them, the missile is intercepted and blows up. Which means, these men intentionally stood directly underneath an exploding 2 kiloton nuclear bomb. One of them, at the key moment (he’s wearing sunglasses), looks up. You have to see this to believe it.


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