Photography and Fashion: Cyberpunk Citizen by Julia Noni

Cyberpunk Citizen

Cyberpunk fashion  photograph by Julia Noni - model Ajak Deng - wearable technology by Barbara Loison

Cyberpunk Citizen by Julia Noni – All Rights Reserved – Click Full Size

Part of a series of images from the liquid metal, carbo-plastic, hydrogel and permacrete core of visual creators on the Internet.  Images that stir my senses and evoke plots and concepts for what I’d like to see (or fear) in the future.

A very evocative image created by photographer Julia Noni capturing model Ajak Deng in full fashion pose, complete with chilled caffeine drink and wearable technology (conceptualised by Barbara Loison).  In the my near-future sci-fi universe the choice for how people input output falls into the categories of total immersion (cybernetic implants connecting a device directly to the neural cortex) through to passive observers who utilise softscreens, hardscreens or wearable data viewing technology known as DVFrames. This photograph has actually expanded my own perceptions of how I might describe DVFrames – taking me away from the cold functional lines of things that look like chunky glasses to this über fashion statement: wraparound semi-faceplate formed from solid hydrogel in a range of urban colours.

You can see more of Julia Noni’s work here –  although none of it crosses over into the cyberpunk genre. Merely a pleasing (futuristic) coincidence for this shoot.

science fiction cyberpunk by British author David J Rodger - EDGE - Cthulhu Mythos horror at New Zealand snowboarding resort

A novel


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