Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

UTOC Warning Notices begin to appear in urban areas

Is there one near you?

UTOC Warning Notice - If you discover a dead body - Zombie Apocalypse within Cthulhu Mythos Yellow Dawn Age of Hastur

UTOC Safety Notice – Copyright David J Rodger – Image taken by Oli Mortimer

I had an @davidjrodger on Twitter from some bloke in England. He’d found this sign in his area and then gone about trying to find out what it was about.  He found Yellow Dawn.

Image source: Oli Mortimer, visit his website here.


A couple weeks earlier I had a 15,000 unique user spike in web traffic to my wordpress blog when somebody posted a similar image to an end of world thread on reddit and managed to get onto the reddit home page.

Warning Notice if you discover a dead body photo by Thomas Hiscox

Photo by Boothy – click for full size

Image Source: Boothy, view his photographic work here


It would be super cool to see these percolating into public areas. Some great surreptitious publicity for Yellow Dawn but also a chance to form a question mark and maybe a bit of a chill down the spine of your everyday zombie-fodder.

Make your own sign

You can download a good res copy of the sign here.

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David J Rodger – DATA




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