Press Release: David J Rodger launches his 7th novel – The Black Lake – a ghost story within the Cthulhu Mythos

The Black Lake


Launch of 7th novel – The Black Lake – a ghost story within the Cthulhu Mythos

The Black Lake - a ghost story within the Cthulhu Mythos by British Sci-Fi & Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger

Available in paperback from LULU

BRISTOL, UK—AUGUST, 2012— British Sci-Fi & Dark Fantasy author, David J Rodger has written and published his 7th novel.  The Black Lake is fundamentally a ghost story set within the Cthulhu Mythos – but also goes some way into revealing Rodger’s interpretation of the machinations of one of the most mysterious and virulently dangerous entities from that genre: the Great Old One – Hastur (The Unspeakable One, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Assatur, Xastur, or Kaiwan). Specifically, the influence Hastur  – as the King in Yellow – can have upon the minds of men and women.

Set on Earth in the not-to-distant (cyberpunk) future, in a period that follows an apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn; the story charts the progress of a meteorological expedition that heads to a remote island in the sub-Arctic waters above Scotland.  Ignoring the warnings of those who have some knowledge of the horror that awaits them, the expedition sets up camp and get to work.  Battered by tornadoes and ferocious storms they begin to unpick the nature and structure of alien atmospheric phenomenon that dominate the area – in the hope of shedding some light on what caused Yellow Dawn – and the awful consequences of the apocalyptic event (70% mortality across the planet; dead cities and hordes of screaming Infected).  The expedition’s presence on the island acts as a catalyst to an unfolding set of terrifying events.

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David J. Rodger is a British science fiction & fantasy author and game designer best known for his novels set in a near-future world of corporate and political intrigue. So far he has published seven novels.  Rodger’s contributions to the Mythos include the creation of new Great Old Ones in the novels Edge and Dog Eat Dog, and the use of the Outer God Nyarlathotep in the novel God Seed. Rodger has also written Murder at Sharky Point, a murder mystery game. Rodger spent 8 years working for a non-departmental government agency, developing a virtual communications service within the IT Division, before moving into commercial project management for a UK media company. In 2000 Rodger’s presence on the Internet got him a place in the BBC documentary Through The Eyes of the Young, directed by Chris Terrill. Rodger now lives in Bristol, England, with a Braun coffee-maker, writing from a house on a hill with a view of Earth’s curve.


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