Stonehenge in Flames – Cult of Cthugha – Fire Elementals – Pagan Ceremony or the phantasmagorical theatrics of Compagnie Carabosse

Fire Walk With Me

I finished a new novel last week. The Black Lake.  My seventh outing into the realm of sci-fi dark fantasy.  This one is a post-apocalyptic ghost story that ascends into the cosmic horror (and weirdness) of the Cthulhu Mythos. Due for publication later this year, the MS is now going through the grim, jaw-clenching, teeth-gritting process (for me) of proof reading and peer review.  One of my regular proof readers, Ming, blasted through the MS in a few days and then delayed finishing because, I quote (with glee), “She didn’t want it to end.”

So I think I’m onto a potential winner with The Black Lake. Other feedback is similarly swift and positive.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire not far north of Salisbury

Stonehenge – click for full size (source unknown, please advise and I’ll credit)


Ming also went to Stonehenge last week. Part of the mass of journalists and correspondents camped out to observe the Fire Garden event being run by the French arts group, Compagnie Carabosse (based in Saint-Christophe-sur-Roc).

Surface reading the art group’s brief it sounds pretty dry: an event to celebrate the London Olympics 2012 Festival.  But Compagnie Carabosse travel the world, rendering unique, of the moment experiences from interesting venues.  They couldn’t have chosen a more spectacular place than Stonehenge.

Created over 4,000 years ago, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire, not far north of Salisbury. Composed of a circular arrangement of large standing stones set within earthworks, it forms the centre of incredibly dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, which includes hundreds of burial mounds.


Ming described it as an augmented-sensory experience. As the sun set across the stones, the molten furnace light of the orb merged with the fire installations set within and around Stonehenge itself. Ancestral memories bubbled up from deep archives of the DNA/RNA helix.  Nerve endings tingled.  Forge-cast and welded metal devices flared into life, illuminating arcane glyphs and sigils engraved in their sides, bringing to life the subconscious echoes of spirits and demons from our not-so-distant past.  Nocturnal shadows of things long since forgotten but waiting, ever-patient, on the fringes of human reality.   Strange horns blared, evoking primal myths; music from the mouths of barbarians rang out across the plains, absorbed dully into the mute stones that have been standing there, possibly since before even the Pyramids of Egypt were born.



London 2012 Festival: Salisbury International Arts Festival


Ming also described where she was within the novel The Black Lake (where there are monolithic stones of ancient splendour and mystery) and grinned, and shuddered, as she recalled how it was perfect timing to be there, at Stonehenge, with my fictional constructs sitting on the edges of her mind.

Compagnie Carabosse created various sculptures and pathways of flame for people to marvel over – and the time and space to soak in the atmosphere.  Keep an eye on their website to see where they’ll be setting up next.  Check out YouTube for videos of their work.

So it sounds like Maria Bota, the director of Salisbury International Arts Festival, and English Heritage have scored a double trump by bringing such a wonderful spectacle into a truly magical special place.

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