Mythos music for a cyberpunk setting ¦ Mark Van Hoen – discordant ambient industrial electro

Mark Van Hoen aka Locust - electronic music artist living Brooklyn NY USA

Mark Van Hoen – click for full size

Some of you may already know of Mark Van Hoen. I’ve only just discovered him; I feel like I’ve stumbled through an abandoned chemical plant, walls daubed in sinister graffiti, into a subterranean chamber full of lurid coloured gemstones that radiate sonic pleasures. The man is a highly gifted musician travelling a fairly lonely and remote path through the musical landscape.  There’s an audible starting point, carried signals of a distant shore – the 1970s and early 80s – a musical groundwork that strikes chords of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosy.  You can see a route that wanders near to Eno, Aphex and Boards of Canada.  But van Hoen is his own beast. The Crowley of Ambient Industrial Electronica.

This track – Look in my Eyes – captures the essence of modern Mythos. The fusion of raw, articulated sounds, repeating and overlapping into a symphony of trance capable of transporting your conscious mind to the Ancients. Great video too. The visual fragments from a sanity-blasted mind that’s about to free-fall from this reality into the Outer Chaos. Beyond the Quantisphere.

Look Into My Eyes – Mark Van Hoen (Locust)


British born, he now lives and operates out of Brooklyn New York.  Location of H.P.Lovecraft’s Horror At Red Hook tale.

There’s a fantastic selection of tracks to stream and listen to on Mark van Hoen’s soundcloud page. They provide a sample of works from 1982 to 2011.  Some are much less Mythos, straining towards melodic – even bordering on retrospective 1960s psychedelic sound or mid-90s dance scene.  Others are simply wonderful and edgy.  They all highlight a broad range of serious talent.  You should check it out. Click image below.

Mark Van Hoen aka Locust - graphic link to soundcloud discordant Industrial Ambient Electronica influenced by Brian Eno, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle

Mark Van Hoen aka Locust on Soundcloud


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