Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Today: replace your realspace face in real-time

When I wrote the Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy novel God Seed back in 1996, I included a scene where two characters meet in cyberspace. One of them had the latest in avatar-generation software, something that could adjust the emotional presentation on the avatar’s features (if there are any; not possible if your avatar is a chrome sphere) according to what the user was experiencing at the time.  I called it VERM.  Visual Emotional Realtime Mapping.  Translating human experience and “emotional feelings” into a digital construct.  Not a particularly ground-breaking concept but I like it.

Abruptly, such concepts are now very much creeping into present day reality.

Kyle McDonald and Arturo Castro have developed a face substitution app, that allows you to overlay another face onto a real-time video feed of your own image.

This is a spin-off from the original technical demo for face substitution technique posted by Arturo Castro. The application works in real-time and it’s developed using the opensource framework for creative coding openFrameworks:

Most of the “magic” happens thanks to Jason Saragih’s c++ library for face tracking The face tracking library returns a mesh that matches the contour of the eyes, nose, mouth and other facial features.

That way the mesh obtained from a photo is matched to my own face in the video. Applying some color interpolation algorithms from Kevin Atkinson’s image clone code: gives it the blending effect that can be seen in the final footage.

I’m also using Kyle McDonald’s ofxFaceTracker addon for openframeworks which wraps Jason’s library for easier use.

The original tech demo by arturo castro can be seen here:

– from Kyle McDonald vimeo page

Video of Face Substitution in action



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