News: Miami Zombie Cannibal Infection is spreading

Last Saturday, Miami was host to a horrific zombie attack where Rudy Eugene, allegedly under the influence of a new synthetic narcotic, turned into a flesh-eating maniac; he tore off his clothes, went out onto the streets, man-handled a victim to the ground with super-human strength and began to chew off his face.

Some people have speculated that the attack is part of a wider, growing set of incidents. Engineered social chaos. Watchers have been keeping an eye on the mutilated victim, seeing if he changes – aware of the potentiality of spreading the Infection.

Nobody could have been more shocked than Mrs R B McGuire, a resident living near the MetroMover track. Her pet hamster, Alfie – once a vegetable loving ball of soft fluff – has undergone a radical and shocking transformation.


Alfie, the vegetable loving hamster


Consequences of the Infection

zombie hamster victim of the spreading zombie cannibal pathogen in Miami Florida

Alfie – now a flesh eating bundle of teeth and claws


It’s a disturbing scenario. One that could be a portent to the post-apocalyptic horrors described in the world of Yellow Dawn.


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David J Rodger – DATA


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