Podcast: Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur – RPG – Episode 1

Tackling the Cthulhu Mythos in a post-apocalyptic world

Soooo rather scarily, the secondary Yellow Dawn RPG group I’m acting GM for decided to create podcasts of the sessions. One player has never touched an RPG before; the other has some experience but is brand new and fresh-faced to the world of Yellow Dawn.  So you can follow their journey from two angles: if you’re curious about role-playing or about Yellow Dawn as a setting for your own RPG system.

I decided to approach the game as a new beginner would.  Throwing them into a Dead City Run by getting them to sign-up with the CRC and head-out with a crew to go scavenging for resources: an essential service for all Living Cities.  It’s a good way to give players a taste of the broad range of settings available in Yellow Dawn and exposure to the shocking horrors that lurk there.  At the moment there’s no plot as such, just the characters getting to know each other and then the grim process of getting into a Dead City.

Join the CRC and scrape opportunities together through scavenging


Podcast Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur - RPG - Episode 1

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