Photography: harbinger of the apocalypse, calcified caped dove by Nick Brandt.

photograph of Calcified Caped Dove Lake Natron Africa  Copyright Nick Brandt 2010

Icon of a dead planet. Image: Nick Brandt - All Rights Reserved

Nick Brandt  is probably best known for his wonderfully developed photographs of the wild animals of Africa caught in a state of existence (rather than action shots of them splashing through water or diving dramatically through the sky).

However this image struck me as iconic of something beyond wildlife photography.  It could be an icon of a dead planet.  The final curtain call of environmental change or the consequences of something catastrophic like Yellow Dawn: the image would not be out-of-place in a Mad Max movie. Those who have survived would walk past things like this every day, but sometimes, they are going to encounter sights that will punch through their brain-shocked desensitivity. And make them stop. And stare. And remember.

I think Brandt has captured this raw, gut-wrenching emotion of the absolute end of things.


If you like his work, check out Nick Brandt’s website.

He also has a stunning hardback book available:

On This Earth, A Shadow Falls
Photographs by Nick Brandt
Big Life Editions, 2010. 192 pp., 90 illustrations, 13¼x15½”.

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2010 by:

  • Anne Kelly
  • Elizabeth Avedon

View here:


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