Video: Paddling kayak #FAIL Bristol Harbour UK…

…until a pirate woman falls in and makes bizarre SUCCESS

April 2012

My good friend Doc Toc and I were chilling out one evening on the Grain Barge – a fab little floating bar / converted boat that sits moored up on the edge of Bristol harbour (UK). We were supping the delicious locally brewed dark ale (exhibition) before heading over to Tobacco Factory Theatre to watch the actor Robert Lloyd Parry (Nunkie Production Company) narrate two tales of spine-chilling horror by the 19th Century ghost story writer M.R.James.

Before leaving the Grain Barge I spotted this bloke in a kayak, madly paddling away and making very little progress.  He was sitting so far back that the front of the kayak kept lifting out of the water.

Watch for yourself.

Enjoy the laughing hysterics of Doc Toc.

And then witness the bizarre spectacle of a pirate woman falling into the boat and then transforming the paddling prowess of the occupant – abruptly the two of them began surging forwards through the water like the Devil was in the wind behind them.

Made me smile at any rate.

Hope you enjoy.



PS: I’m not one to laugh. My own shocking lack of ability at paddling / rowing was captured on video here.


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