Personal blog: recovery, hardback edition, nanomech – synthology, and looking forward to the Orient Express

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09:55 GMT
Saturday 7th April 2012

Sitting at my desk. Cool grey daylight flooding in from the big canopy behind me. The shadows, pooling around the corner where I sit within the descending slope of the roof, are pushed aside by the hot red glow of my lava lamp.  Life-support blowing on intermittent. It’s not warm enough to do without but not so cold you need it blowing constantly. The blissful warm bubble of last week has faded into a chilly wind with snow up North.

Listening to “Swim” an album by Caribou. Really interesting and diverse sound.

I’m just… relaxing.  Hard to believe, I know, but I finally seem to have managed the switch of tracks from insane early morning periods of writing and focussing every second of spare time into pushing forward my creative projects, to just… doing other stuff.

Right now I’m working through the massive backlog of photos that have built up whilst I was working so intensely on the overhaul of Yellow Dawn.

It’s the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. The UK closes down for four days and I get a chance to play catch-up.

Got hit by a weird strain of man-flu last week that had me nailed last weekend and most of last week. Morning’s would wake-up feeling OK but by time I’d gotten into the office in Bath, I’d be feeling like the walking dead and by time the evening swung round I was tripping out and feeling like I was drunk. Exhaustion was close on the trail.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a super exciting new bolt-on for Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) and a bunch of ideas that also fit snugly into the wider universe of my fiction writing.

Called Nanomech and Synthology, it facilitates characters buying pre-configured clumps of nanotechnology, but more importantly, clumps that can be re-configured by tech-heads into new and diverse creations, using deployment code templates.  Of course, those characters with less skill than great ideas will experience the joys of aberrant technological mutations. Counter to  this is the parallel technology of synthetic biology: splicing existing genetic code together to create new “things”; from bacteria able to eat up oil spills to larger and more complex organisms that can do… whatever you can dream of, so long as you can get past ethical and moral issues of intelligent and self-destiny.

Check back in a few days for updates on progress.

Found a new favourite snack. Toast with Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread smeared all over it, and then sprinkled with freshly chopped red chilli. You should try it. Fresh, hot and awesome.

As well as relaunching a new revised version of Yellow Dawn, I’ve now made available a hardback version (special release, black book), along with a wee video promoting it.


Yellow Dawn 2.5 Special Edition Hardcover

Available exclusively from LULU


Yesterday went out and bought myself a nice suit. Three-piece, gun-metal grey with light pin-stripe. Very sharp. Reason: I’m going on the Orient Express.  Sadly not Paris to Venice, or Istanbul even… this is a day trip from London through a beautiful rural part of the UK. But it’s an original Pullman and includes a fine lunch and some champers and vino.  Very Agatha.

The tickets arrived a couple of days ago. Rather than an envelope with a cardboard sleeve, the tickets came in a leather pouch embossed with the Orient Express logo.

Simplon Orient-Express Leather Pouch containing tickets

Leather Pouch containing tickets



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