Hayling Island Horror – a boys weekend away

So my weekend starts now. Had a mate arrive from Spain last night, one of the original RPG crew. Picking up a big hire car (tank) this morning and driving a whole bunch of Yellow Dawn players down to Hayling Island to spend the weekend in a house by the sea. House belongs to my good friend Big Pete, aka Lone Pine and he lets me use it when I need to get away from the city.  Sitting in the massive lounge one whole wall is formed of a window giving you blissfully raw views of the sea and the horizon.

I’m running the massive campaign Horror on the Orient Express, modified for the post-apocalyptic universe of Yellow Dawn where the Influence of Hastur has infected parts of reality. You can follow character exploits here:


Oh and wish the players luck. Their characters have just arrived in Belgrade…. and then due to hit another city further along, using the Orient Express as transport… and those who know the campaign will be aware of what gruesome terrors begin once the statue is completed.  The train becomes a killing ground, a scene of absolute wonderful horror.

Meanwhile, there’s going to be plenty of dark ale and the Cornish Doombar swilling around… and some mighty feasts to be cooked up, I reckon.

No internet access down there. Just a house, miles of lonely beach front and the open sea. See y’all beyond the dark side of the moon.



2012 -The Yellow Dawn Game test crew - Djr in middle - Hayling Island

The Yellow Dawn Game test crew

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