Yellow Dawn Session Notes 7th January 2012 ¦ Horror on the Orient Express #8


Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by sci-fi & dark fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. Learn more…


RESUME 8pm on 1st FEB
in hotel room, having just completed séance. Local news is talking about baffling disappearance of tram driver after a mysterious breakdown in tunnel. Foul play is suspected but so far no bodies have been found.  Brief reference to Venice, along the lines of “This is Not Venice” … but another local news feed suggests that the homeless people of the city are spreading rumours about a monster stalking amongst them, eating them and throwing remains into the sea.

Characters may wish to rest or head out to fetch the ring/

# # #

Deutsch: Werbeplakat des Orient-Express Englis...


Marcus heads downstairs to grab a drink, settle his nerves and get something on his stomach.
At dinner he is approached by Telfus Fleet – a British speaking, half-Thai character who looks slightly wired on stress and tension.  Skull sockets beneath his left ear distinguish him as involved in computing and technology.

He’s seen the team being watched and followed and thinks the same people are mixed up in the reason he’s in Trieste – hunting down the man who murdered his sister. Alfonso.

The Maitre’D is accosted by an unseen dinner guest and walks off in a strange daze – when he returns, there is something different about him; Marcus suspects this is the work of the man who killed and took the skin of their translator in Paris – perhaps the man who originally hired them to find the statue?

Later that night Telfus is driving across Trieste alone to meet with someone who says they have information on the killer.  He encounters [a man who is later recognised as Antoni Termona], in a plush house on the hill – and six other men [cultists of Lloigor] including Alfonso.  Telfus has to restrain himself: he’s warned off… told a few things… told his persistence and questions have made him an irritation but killing him is risky and they’d prefer to avoid the risk… leave Trieste and never ask about Alfonso again.  Later – Telfus is given an opportunity for ultimate and gruesome revenge… does he take it? There’s a monolith in a room with glass walls; a sense of great power and glimpses of another reality… deep underground caverns.

That same evening, Paul and Metz – having snuck out of the 5* Simplon Hotel with the others – avoiding the various tailing parties… find a new hotel and check in for the team.

THE LEFT ARM and THE LEFT LEG is back at Orient hotel; they suspect THE TORSO is on the train with them (Count Drogo?) due to the growing issues of health and irritation.

Also that same evening, Marcus and Josh – having escorted Telfus to the first rendezvous point and told to go away by the driver, find themselves in a bad part of town.  They avoid getting robbed by local kids and make their way to the location of the artefact hidden by W_____ more than 300 years ago. An abandoned house, shuttered and lost.  They break in. And after a few hours of digging around the ancient basement find the very thing Marcus saw during the séance… the ring buried under a flagstone. This is the object W____ had tried to bring to Things in the caverns at Posthumia… and the same object the cult here wanted to bring to the THings instead… and the reason W_____ was murdered all those centuries ago.  Now it is in the hands of Josh.

Everyone RV’s back at the new hotel.

2nd Feb
The team want to get an early train to Posthumia… the plan is to take the ring there and hope the collection of occult artefacts supposed to reside with the Things will include a part of the statue.  However Josh demands everyone hangs around for most of the day whilst he inspects the ring, ultimately finding it is a Mythos object of minor power.

3pm – the team catch a train from Trieste to the nearest town to Posthumia… trying in vain to shake off the various tails that have caught up with them; also a brief phase back into the horror world of Yellow Dawn along with Telfus and a pickpocket.

7pm – get to the small town and half an unsettled nights sleep.

3rd Feb

Team head to the caves.  Met by the tour operator, a swarthy looking man with a gold tooth; there’s a hundred or so other folks there for the tour – none of them look like tourists and many of them are missing limbs.  The team get a bad feeling about this.


A Lloiger phyiscal manifestation - click for artist link

The tour starts off nice enough but soon plunges into madness in the deepest darkest area of the cave complex; lights go off, men with torches hunt the characters down with knives and sticks; the party is split up several times; Marcus is grappled and man-handled away – only to be found a while later, unconscious with a gash to his head surrounded by a dozen shredded bodies…. it looks like the Turks have come down here and started killing the Lloigor cultists — and that something else {Drogo?} has been killing both Turks and cultists. It’s a blood bath. Meanwhile, Telfus takes the ring to THE CAVERN. Encounters The THings. Hands over the ring and is teleported – along with Josh – to the private vault of a collector – and there is the RIGHT LEG of the statue. The Things WANT the team to take the leg away because it is a blot on the energy of the area…

Josh grabs it – the alarms go off. Security guards come running. Then Telfus and Josh phase into the horror of Yellow Dawn – and have to make their way down into the centre of Trieste  (but now it’s a Dead City full of Infected).  They spend several hours by the side of a road, freezing, before phasing back.

NOTE: This is all entirely new to Telfus. He’s lost a lot of COOL points through Anxiety this session.

Marcus, Paul and Metz pick their way through the hundred or so murdered bodies in the caves and return to the surface – there to find a few survivors [Italians, Lloigor cultists] who approach them asking where the ring is… Marcus replies, “They, those things have it”.

The cultists seem battered and weary so head off. But for how long?

Josh and Telfus are in Trieste, clutching the RIGHT LEG now wrapped in a camping tarp that Telfus had in his backpack. They’re in a taxi heading to a cafe anywhere.  The Orient Express leaves in a few minutes. Next train is just after 8pm tomorrow night.  Telfus has started to show signs of the skin irritation on right leg, left leg, left arm and bad chesty cough.

Marcus, Paul and Metz are at Posthumia. Marcus is having shower in tourist facilities, washing away blood, but the wound to his head (1 HP) needs medical attention as Josh failed First Aid.

LEFT LEG and LEFT ARM at at Orient hotel in Trieste. TORSO is somewhere…?

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