Photography: techno cyberpunk fashion and imagery – Toxic Bride by The Terrorcat

Photography techno cyberpunk fashion and imagery –  girl in face-mask - Toxic Bride by The Terrorcat

Toxic Bride by The Terrorcar - All Rights Reserved (click for full size)

Part of a series of images from the liquid metal, carbo-plastic, hydrogel and permacrete core of visual creators on the Internet.  Images that stir my senses and evoke plots and concepts for what I’d like to see (or fear) in the future.

Another great image from Terrorcat.  Techno rave culture meets the potential of a Cyberpunk future where people slip into ever more fragmented social niches – swapping from one to another, depending on the whim or needs of the day. With so much flexible identity how do we really tell who we really are?  Except as the person staring back at us from the reflection in the mirror when we’re curled up on a sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon; our favourite baggy comfort jumper on; pot of coffee on the sun-bleached and varnished wooden floor; dead glow sticks gathering dust beneath the vintage French club armchair; a packet of self-heating ramen noodles on our lap, steaming in the air that’s chilly because of strict energy rationing – a preference to have the luminous glow of a touch-matrix-holographic display floating just beyond the sofa’s edge… projecting text and video feeds from a mash-up of our favourite content providers. Data sponge.  Waiting on the next new trend to replicate, master and perfect.  What opinions to recycle to create interesting dialogue.

Girl hides behind a mask of white hydro-gel and holds hand of a hidden love.  Or “cardboard cut out perfect man” projected onto a virtual canvas by smart image-mapping technology.  Image perfected. Blog updated.  Concept verified.  Move on to something new.  Who needs a real partner these days?


Terrorcat has a repository of photos exploring this theme.

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David J Rodger – DATA

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