Top 10 blog posts of 2011 from Sci-fi, Fantasy, Cyberpunk and Cthulhu Mythos Horror

I’ve been running this blog for about 18 months now and it’s already eclipsed the “old thing” I used to run since the late 1990s.  It’s a great counterpoint to the daily grind of crafting novels and RPG systems – where often there is very little to show for weeks at a time; a place where I can pin-up the sometimes weird but often wonderful things I find online, or post promotional offers on my products or scribble down thoughts and ideas.

Here’s a countdown of the top ten ranking articles as viewed by you, from sci-fi and dark fantasy, cyberpunk, and the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.


Exploring influence of Hastur – King in Yellow – on post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn through scifi & dark fantasy short stories

King in Yellow - Pale by Pleeh

Image by Pleeh

Hastur (The Unspeakable One, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Assatur, Xastur, or Kaiwan) is a fictional entity (Great Old One) of the Cthulhu Mythos.

It is possibly one of the most written about and discussed Great Old Ones within this Mythos, and conversely, one of the least understood. This fuzzy, blurred and vague state of comprehension is exacerbated by a divide between literary fans of Hastur, and the RPG community. The fact Hastur is so hard to accurately quantify is no coincidence.

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Photography: sci-fi & dark fantasy – cosmic artefacts cthulhu mythos relics and architecture from an alien culture

Spomenik by Jan Kempenaers All Rights Reserved

Spomenik by Jan Kempenaers All Rights Reserved

So you’re cruising around the open landscape, maybe it’s a post-apocalyptic future, or maybe you’re just somewhere really remote, and then you come across a structure that doesn’t make any sense.  Your brain questions what you’re eyes are conveying.  And maybe the air grows unnaturally chilly, you sense a smell, like ozone and the build up of eletrical energy; you begin to feel uneasy, as if  perhaps, there is something intelligence and malign observing you…waiting.  Your scalp contracts, the hairs on the back of your neck tingle and you shudder involuntarily.

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Photography: cyberpunk icon of mindless rebellion – Thug, Happy to Kill You, by Danielle Tunstall


Thug, Happy to Kill You - Click for full Image

I love this image.  Not so sure what that say’s about me or if it’s actually more to do with what Danielle Tunstall has achieved here.  Yeah, okay, it’s a nasty swear word.  It’s gratuitous. But that’s the point.  Look at this guy.  He can’t wait to pound the callused edges of his palms into the soft cartilage of your face.  He’s not going to use his knuckles.  He’s done this a hundred times before.  He doesn’t want to break his hand.  He wants to mess you up and the idea of you wailing, screaming, pleading is sending the most awesome pleasure signals to his brain.  This is the guy-on-the-street about to enter the heat of battle.

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Sci-fi Fantasy (cross-over) Art and Music [tune!] Oopart – Hades [Original Mix]

Sleeve Art for Oopart - Hades (Original Mix)

Sleeve Art for Oopart - Hades (Original Mix)

This is a blend of music and art, and of Cyberpunk and Fantasy.

The image could easily fit into a Fantasy Fiction scene but I don’t think it would be out of place in some near-future virt, or a far flung future where technology and society had evolved to a point where civillisation is barely human, technology is like magick, and society is closer to what we’d recognise as medieval than some shiny Star Trek (not a dig) utopia.

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The Ninth Gate: occult and tarot-like symbolism in the engravings by Aristide Torchia and Lucifer, plus wider meanings of the movie


A copy of The Nine Doors To the Kingdom of Shadows - De Umbrarum Regis Novum Portis

The Ninth Gate is probably one of my favourite movies of all time, as is the official soundtrack.   A film by Roman Polanski, its stars Johnny Depp as the ambivalent  protagonist, Lucas Corso; and features an incredible performance by Frank Langella as the brazen, smug and sinister collector of all things diabolical – Boris Balkan – a wealthy man where money and morals are no obstacle to acquiring books that deal with the Devil.
The film is an adaptation of The Dumas Club, a book written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.
I’m a huge fan of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos cycle of stories which provide unnerving glimpses of a pantheon of Outer Gods and their minions, writhing obscenely within alien vortices of inarticulate sounds and invisible light, sometimes only just beyond the perceptions of ordinary folk.  The cosmic horror of the Mythos has nothing to do with this movie which limits itself to the spiritual, psychological and metaphysical menace of Evil, and all its many incarnations within the Quantisphere (the realm of Man, Spirits, Elementals and Angels & Demons).

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Danny Boyle does Frankenstein – National Theatre – best of British Theatre broadcast LIVE to cinemas around the world – review

Danny Boyle does Frankenstein – National Theatre Benedict Cumberbatch as monster Jonny Lee Miller as Victor

Benedict Cumberbatch as The Creature. Photo by Catherine Ashmore

I saw this last night (24th March) after what felt like an age of waiting. I booked my tickets for the cinema broadcast over a month ago and even then it was almost sold out. And last night was rammed to capacity.

During the month of waiting, a friend of mine from London posted a comment to say that “It was rubbish”.

This left me a little disheartened and I went in possibly with low expectations.

But having been through the experience of last night – I can only clarion call that my friend was unbelievably wrong.

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Movie Review: Drive (2011)


Drive (2011) - movie review and huge film poster

Great example of American indi cinema. This is movie making like it used to be: Refn shows us how it still can be

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2.8 hours later, Bristol May 2011 – city wide zombie chase game – videos and pics


Infected woman at rendezvous point - we were too late to save her

I’ve spent 3 hours either jogging through remote areas of Bristol or sprinting for my life. Utterly exhausting… my leg muscles are screaming at me — in between bouts of turning into jelly. Just ran a bath with half a box of Radox muscle relaxant…

So many amazing moments of sheer terror.

Sneaking in a half-crouch, crawling on my belly behind walls, stalking through woodland and parks to avoid zombies…

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Sci-fi Art: Robot #wallpaper – Big Bot, by Benedict Campbell


Big Bot, by Benedict Campbell - click to view full size

Part of a series of images from the liquid metal, carbo-plastic, hydrogel and permacrete core of visual creators on the Internet.  Images that stir my senses and evoke plots and concepts for what I’d like to see (or fear) in the future.

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Reasons to like Lovecraft: Mi-go (Fungi from Yuggoth)


Mi-go investigating human - click for full size - WARNING: Graphic content

The Mi-go are highly intelligent and independent race, renowned for their worship of the Outer Gods: Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, and Shub-Niggurath.

Also known as The Fungi from Yuggoth, their first appearance in Lovecraft’s work was within the excellent and spine tingling tale The Whisperer in the Darkness, since then they’ve been brought in as “bugs” in CthulhuTech and given some decent exposition in Pagan Publishing’s sourcebook for CoC: Delta Green Eyes Only Volume One: Machinations of the Mi-Go.

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That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed much of what you found here. Please share with your friends and spread the word if you like. Traffic has already risen nearly 10,000 unique hits a month in the past few months alone  and a lot of new folks are finding me though search engines and word of mouth, and a healthy chunk of those are finding my fiction writing and Yellow Dawn RPG.




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