Video ¦ Audio waves through flammable gas – precursor to fantasy magic fireballs

On its own this video is pretty interesting; some clever Danes (Fysikshow Aarhus) sets up a table rigged with a steady flow of flammable gas passing over it and a music loudspeaker nearby. The various frequencies create some pleasing displays of varying modal patterns, in some cases, causing the burning gas to coalesce into “balls of fire”.  Made me think about the Magic Users of fantasy fiction and role-playing games; in particular the ability to conjure fireballs out of thin-air and fling them at adversaries.  I’m currently working on the Occult & (Cthulhu) Mythos chapter for the new version of  Yellow Dawn  – The Age of Hastur, that I’m due to launch next year.  For me, I like the concept of road mages who master the art of creating unique, magickal “sounds” combined with focussed thought to generate powerful effects.  For many this is a shocking display of supernatural ability, of metaphysical talents; for the road mage it’s merely grasping what’s already out there but what most minds (lost within the mundane world of materialism and avarice) fail to see.  What many don’t realise is that beyond the realm of the Occult is another far more vast level of power; the hideous, corrupting and cosmic horror of the Mythos where Magick has the ability to permanently change fragments of our reality.  Praise the Elder Ones for the Quantisphere!

Enjoy the video.


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