Photography ¦ Medieval Fantasy and Coruscations of Cartier Dragons – Peter Lippmann

Photography ¦ Medieval Fantasy and Coruscations of Cartier Dragons - Peter Lippmann via Chicquero

Image Source – Peter Lippmann  – All Rights Reserved

This is an image I received as one of them many gems of eye-candy sent to me. It’s a piece of work by Peter Lippmann.  I like it because of the blurred blend between fantasy and future.

This could be an image from the medieval age – a talisman of arcane power that has caused the pages of the book to smolder and burn, a hint of the occult forces bound to the expertly crafted piece of jewellery.


Or, it could be a glimpse of future technology: a miniature dragon automaton, crawling lizard-like through the some private collection – capable of causing mayhem through small gouts of flammable gas; encrusted with jewels, it’s an ostentatious symbol of revenge, wrath or simple blackmail… sent by somebody with access to technology designed to convey a message beyond the physical act of destruction.  But why destroy the book?  What secret knowledge did the book contain?  Was the book as condemned as the infamous “De Umbrarum Regis Novum Portis“, translated as “The Nine Doors To the Kingdom of Shadows”? A book purported to have been in collaboration with the Devil.  There’s a myriad of stories nestled in this image, I’m sure of it.

Great work.

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