Day One of Four

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08:37  Another late morning.  No da Vinci method for weeks now. Work’s been too freaking insane to  make that a sensible option and besides, the current phase of the  Yellow Dawn  – The Age of Hastur overhaul doesn’t really require it.  However, today is day one of four: four days I’ve taken off work to focus on writing.  Woke up this morning feeling like a battered rocks on the shore of a stormy sea; my imagination throwing massive waves of ideas against the edges of my brain, things that have been simmering for weeks now but have not had the time and mental space to come forwards.  The onslaught was so intense I started to panic about how much I’d be able to get down during these mere four days; and if I’m fleshing out these ideas I’m not focussing on the primary task at hand… mental turmoil.  So already I’m riding an edge of stress and I’m only on my first mug of coffee and barely out of bed.

Ho-hum.  Task for today and tomorrow is (I hope) the wholesale review and adjustment of the Occult & Mythos Magicksystems in Yellow Dawn, including inserting a new non-human species into the Mythos Monsters section, the Hokan, and expanding the existing notes on The Great Magi since writing a lot of notes for the NPC I introduced into current campaign I’m running: Horror on the Orient Express.

I also need to flesh out concepts for robot minds, minds crafted by humans compared to minds crafted by AIs out on the rim of the Borgendrill Enigma; hopefully bringing this into the emerging Yellow Dawn 2.5 edition, or, if it’s going to take too much time leave it as something to develop later on as a bolt-on system.

Gary Numan I Assassin

I Assassin (available on Amazon)

Also having a LOT of day-dreams about Oakfield, the novel I want to write at the tail end of next 2012… mostly helped by the recent visits to the house by the sea at Hayling Island, two weekends in a row, both trips wrapped up with intense Mythos vibes.  Looking forward to writing that.

Right… listening to the eclectic tones of Gary Numan on “I Assassin” album. Fantastic start to a day of creativity where I’ll be shaping the eerie concepts of Magick, Demonology and the alien energies of the Mythos.

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