WiP: Latest draft of Yellow Dawn 2.5 – Free Lite now available to download as PDF

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Collating and reacting to feedback from review list.  The core rulebook now has a complete background to the Yellow Dawn setting – how Earth, in the near future is decimated by the apocalyptic event; details of Hastur and the influence of Hastur within this world; Carbons; the Changed; and comprehensive notes about the various organisations and corporations that survived and continue to operate in the world.  Still a long way to go before its finished but already I think it’s a massive improvement on the currently available YD2.1.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded a chopped down draft version (3.3) available here. This now has sections removed that won’t be included in the “free lite” version.  This is comes from the ethos that the free-lite rules, when finished, will provide you with a thin layer of background, rules to run Dead City runs and scavenging operations (not completed yet).  Please don’t forget this is still very much a work-in-progress and none of the current documentation has any branding applied.

Download here


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