WiP: the world of Yellow Dawn chapter continues to swell – plus Orwellian London nightmare created by Power of Eight

Great progress with the current chapter of Yellow Dawn, aptly called “The World of Yellow Dawn”.  It is turning into a bit of a monster but its allowed me to pull everything from the existing rulebook into one central repository, rather than having bits of information scattered across multiple chapters.  As one critic put it last year; some of the most important background information is tucked away in the Appendices. Yup, that’s my bad, but I’m fixing it now. It’s also allowing me to refine my original vision of this world, specifically the organisations, groups and corporations that have come right out of my sci-fi & dark fantasy novels, and how they’ve adapted to the post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn.

All exciting stuff.

And for those who know about the Power of Eight Group, I’m damned pleased about the way London has become such an Orwellian Nightmare in YD.  Here’s a taste of the PO8 section in the new version (2.5) I’m writing up:

London – an Orwellian Nightmare

London is still classed as a Dead City despite having a mega-settlement within it.  This is a flavour of the politics of the world, because that mega-settlement is entirely owned and operated by the Power of Eight Group, and as such seems not to be recognised by the UDP, UTOC or MOCID as a legitimate entity.

There are regular survivors there; Brits and others who clung to London after Yellow Dawn struck – but if they’re not a member of the Power of Eight then they’re second class citizens. This is apparent in the way they’re treated and the slum-like accommodation and poverty they have to live within and endure.

Members of the Power of Eight live in slightly better circumstances, which also improve the higher up the echelons of influence and success that exist within the Power of Eight Group.

Every member is monitored – potentially 24/7 – at home, at work and in the street, although nobody actually knows when they’re actively being observed and eavesdropped.  Deviation from Power of Eight protocols carries the threat of arrests and harsh psychological punishments.

The Power of Eight wants you to be the best – and will do anything they can to achieve this.

Because the mega-settlement is encircled by such a vast Dead Zone, leaving by any way other than by air is highly risky; the Power of Eight Group does not fund patrols the Dead Zone and there are no official protected corridors leading in or out.

Being able to use the air-transport requires either significant funds or connections: most people are therefore trapped within.

Life in London is a mesh of tension, paranoia and overbearing motivational propaganda.


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