YD Session Notes 03 July 2011 ¦ HotOE #1

First session in 2 years. Excellent atmosphere.

Characters relieved the transformation from their settlement in Little Boston, the big storm rolling in, the lightning and the state of panic… and then the abrupt fading out of vision and sound to a white hissing emptiness, before rematerialising in the plush office of a solicitor, in London, in a version of Earth as it would have been if Yellow Dawn had not occurred.

  • Solomon Kane gives them a list of research, provided by his client, of the known whereabouts of clues relating to the statue, Michelangelo’s Carthusian Man.
  • Team are attacked by thugs wanting their gold.
  • Team experience a grim return to the Yellow Dawn universe, without warning, when they’re in a taxi stuck in traffic in a motorway underpass.  Shocking and horrifying moment of realisation. They encountered armed troops clearing zombies from the boundary of London’s (Yellow Dawn version) protected boundary with Dead Zone.  Then they phased back into this reality having “played dead” to avoid being noticed by the troops.
  • Team are aware of media fuss about a man, Mr M.M., who died three times in one night. And the search for the missing Mr M.M. who is much older, Arabic, and ran an antique dealer’s store in Islington.
  • Team struggle with funds, they purchase some executive clothing knowing that they’re going to be mixing with the high and mighty on the train.
  • Team relocate to Paris and are pampered by the perks made available to them by the special tickets provided by the solicitor.
  • Team begin researching Count Drogo in Paris, employ the services of a young student to translate ancient French historical documents. Paying him 100 credits a day.  Two days in they’ve found diaries hinting at scandal in the Queen’s court the day before the French revolution – and count Drogo was involved.


  • 13th January (game time), evening, just left Remi at library after a late session of research.
  • Need to retrospectively play Paul Bishop’s movements that day as he’s making contact with criminal gangs.

Djr Note:

There’s a separate character group, part of the “Back to Basics” concept. They’re currently parked in New Falls and the last update for them was here.


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