Science Fiction Art: #wallpaper – Beef Clone, Vat Grown Muscle, by Benedict Campbell

Science fiction Art - Beef Clone - vat-grown muscle monster - Digital Paint by Benedict Campbell

Beef Clone, Vat Grown Muscle ¦ Copyright Benedit Campbell (click image for website)

Part of a series of images from the liquid metal, carb0-plastic, hydrogel and permacrete core of visual creators on the Internet.  Images that stir my senses and evoke plots and concepts for what I’d like to see (or fear) in the future.

I like this image first and foremost because of the colouring, lighting and shadow.  And then come the questions:  Is this a man who’s gone to max with bioware implants and vat grown muscle grafts?  Chiba city excess.  Or is it something custom made?  A monster Carbon (see Yellow Dawn)?  Black-grade military asset for off-world jobs, now locked away in a holding tank during operational down time? Or somehow running solo, carving a little spending credit in the semi-legal fighting rings that spring up anywhere you get blue-collar workers tucked into remote, inhospitable locations with spare time and cash to burn?  Or is this a corporate experiment yet to step out from the R&D labs into the full glare of private scrutiny from military and security operators?  One image, so many ideas. Love it.  What do you think?


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