I died three times tonight – zombies got me in 2.8 hours later.

Holy Cow Batman.

Just got back – 01:32 in the morning.

What an AMAZING night.

Rocked up to the Watershed, got my ticket, went to St Nicks market – all before 9pm, so it was still daylight.  Just.

By 9.30 I was jelled into a group of really lovely folk (5 of them plus me) and running to the first rendezvous point…

And then we encountered our first zombie.

Dang! That boy was FAST.  All of us just ran in different directions and immediately the group of split up. One of us got bitten straight away. Thankfully the rest of us found each other again and continued.

I’ve spent 3 hours either jogging through remote areas of Bristol or sprinting for my life. Utterly exhausting… my leg muslces are screaming at me – in between bouts of turning into jelly. Just ran a bath with half a box of Radox muscle relaxant…

So many amazing moments of sheer terror.

Sneaking in a half-crouch, crawling on my belly behind walls, stalking through woodland and parks to avoid zombies…

Having one zombie leap OVER a fence as he saw me and ran towards me screaming. I couldn’t believe it, fell back, actually slammed down onto the ground and next thing he was on top of me… snarling, grabbing me… and I just SCREAMED and SCREAMED for real. Bizarre. That was my first death.

Bristol will never seem the same again, at night.

If you ever get the chance to do 2.8 hours later… do not hestitate. It’s an incredible experience.

I’ve got some awesome video footage. Just need to collate and hopefully stitch the best bits together.  Coming soon.

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8 thoughts on “I died three times tonight – zombies got me in 2.8 hours later.

  1. :-) Sounds like an adrenalin rush. The description about a snarling Z being on top of you made my skin tingle. And unlike Yellow Dawn, at the end of the day you can run a hot radox bath…. in the real world of YD, this option does not exist. The above description is how it is every single night….. except of course, they only have one life……..

  2. I was there! I got caught twice – I was screaming every time I got chased too, I have to say my sprinting and hiding skills are much better than I thought though!

    I did 2.8hours last year and didn’t think this year would be as good, but it was even better – new checkpoints and characters, more zombies.

    I love seeing new parts of Bristol and seeing it from a completely different perspective – The Galleries silent apart from a creepy tannoy announcement once we reached the top floor ‘Could all zombies please report to Level D’ and then a hoard of zombies appearing around the corner, crawling around behind a bush in Brunswick Sq hiding from 3 zombies, running at top speed across Castle Park – brilliant fun!

    Can’t wait to see your video :)

    • Hey Shonette – it was totally FAB wasn’t it! Great description of the Galleries. I can’t believe how much I crawled across pavement, leapt over walls and scrambled through dark woods – the game totally took over my imagination. I’ll post video links on your FB page too :o)

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