Video Vault – The Max Headroom Show – 80s pop music vids: episode 5

Max Headroom

This is part of a collection of posts documenting the music videos aired on TV in the mid-80s by this fantastic icon of cyberpunk culture – Max Headroom.

It’s a big nostalgia trip for me: hope you enjoy some of the vids too.

The Max Headroom Show (1985) was a music video gig, with a liberal dosage of Max crashing in and interrupting things with his wacky wit and unique perspective on life in the “real world”.  It’s hard to believe there were only 6 episodes of the first series. Ten and a Chrismtas bonus for the second series.  The music and the vibe of that show really connected with my mind. So I’ve been digging through the track listings for the videos he played and I thought I’d post them here. There’s some absolute gems of the 80s.



Episode Five

The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey

Izzy Royal – Coronation Street

The Kinks – Come Dancing

Pat Benatar – Love is a Battlefield

Ledernacken – Ich will dich essen


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