Music made for mayhem, introducing Zombie Zombie: John Carpenter meets manic electro

Thanks to HIAB-X who posted the video on my Facebook wall.  I watched the video last week when I was in New York and the music drilled into my skull and stayed there.  The video is a homage to John Carpenter’s “The Thing” but the music… it just gets under your skin and worms its way through your flesh to colour your imagination.

Getting back to the UK I checked out the band, Zombie Zombie and discovered a treasure trove of sounds to write to (horror and post-apocalyptic adventure) and perfect for gaming to:  Yellow Dawn. I’ve bought the album “A Land for Renegades” but I’m resisting the intense urge to unwrap and listen to it now; it’s such a great soundscape I want to save it for a special trip that’s coming up so I can embed the music into the memories: in a couple weeks I’m doing a train ride through Swiss Alps into Italy, Lake Como and Milan… and I’m planning to read through the CoC campaign book “Horror on the Orient Express” so I can run with my Yellow Dawn player group.  A perfect fusion, I reckon.  Anyhow, here’s the album available on – click the image below to sample the tracks, etc.

Zombie Zombie A Land For Renegades

Zombie Zombie: A Land For Renegades

They’ve got another album out called Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter; contains renditions of Halloween, The Thing, Escape from LA, Assault on Precint 13, which I’ll probably buy next.  Watching the video above you get a real sense that these folks have dialled into the core of the John Carpenter vibe.

I’m a huge John Carpenter fan, so here’s a link you may also enjoy. Last year I hired a convertible Mustang and did a road trip around California and discovered and visited the location of the awe-inspiring lighthouse used in The Fog.  You can view photos and videos by clicking here.

Tracking down The Fog, John Carpenter (1980)

Tracking down The Fog, John Carpenter (1980)


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5 thoughts on “Music made for mayhem, introducing Zombie Zombie: John Carpenter meets manic electro

  1. That is awesome!! Speaking of The Thing, I’m curious to see how the prequel is going to turn out, hoping for something decent.

    • @ Sammi, yeah me too. And I really hope they keep away from excessive CGI and go back to the good old days of making really cool special FX. When’s it due out, do you know?

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