Sci-fi Tech – Today: Myndplay new technology reads brain waves to respond to your emotional state

Does Bruce Willis need to die at the end of Armageddon?  In Bladerunner – does Deckard actually get to run away with Rachael or does Gaff nail him with a silent finish after Roy Batty’s soliloquy?

Myndplay new technology reads brain waves to respond to viewer emotional state

Who lives? Who dies? You decide...

Myndplay have launched a brain-wave scanning headset that can “read” your emotional state of mind and shift the narrative flow of a movie or game towards different conclusions.

brainstorm christopher walken 1983

Christopher Walken in Brainstorm

The technology seems to be based on the core-principle of emotional feedback therapy; you learn to control your emotions through the experience. You’re also tied into a limited selection of material to engage with but this is to be expected at such a nascent stage. I’m more interested in where it’s going to lead.  Reading emotional state of mind is one thing but how about implanting them?  Calm thoughts, anyone?  Or recording an experience with the ability of plugging something directly into another person’s sensorium for play-back?  Think Brain Storm (1980s) or Strange Days (1990s).

This is yet another incremental step towards the kind of technology that I deploy in my fiction writing.  And another step towards loosing a whole segment of society into a narcotic-type addiction, an unshakable hunger to be immersed in neuron sparkling scenarios from virtual worlds and living through synthetic experiences.  Check out the Myndplay website for more information.

strange-days Ralph Fiennes 1995

Ralph Fiennes in Strange Days

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