Sci-fi Fantasy (cross-over) Art and Music [tune!] Oopart – Hades [Original Mix]

Oopart - Hades - Cover Art- Cyberpunk Fantasy

Sleeve Art for Oopart - Hades (Original Mix)

This is a blend of music and art, and of Cyberpunk and Fantasy.

The image could easily fit into a Fantasy Fiction scene but I don’t think it would be out of place in some near-future virt, or a far flung future where technology and society had evolved to a point where civillisation is barely human, technology is like magick, and society is closer to what we’d recognise as medieval than some shiny Star Trek (not a dig) utopia.

I’ve typically held the view that cyberpunk is “what’s coming tomorrow”, but this image has opened my thoughts to the idea of applying cyberpunk more as a meme than a period of history. So for me, thought-provoking stuff. A nice little spin away from the core of my traditional thinking patterns.

And meanwhile, the reason I found this image.

A tune.

Dance / electronica via soundcloud.

Oopart – Hades [Original Mix]

Oopart - Hades [Original Mix]  on soundcloud


British Sci-fi author David J Rodger - God Seed - cyberpunk cthulhu mythos fiction

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