Hot Tub Time Machine Party

Photo of Dan D getting into the pink wig groove at a Hot Tub Time Machine party

Dan D gets into a pink wig groove

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

21:59 GMT, Sunday 28th Nov.  I’m not long for going to bed.  In fact I’m amazed I’m still awake enough to write this.

Wicked weekend. But last night was a night to go down in history.

My good friend Dan B threw a party for his lovely lady, Katherine. The theme: Hot Tub Time Machine.

Dan B actually drove to Sheffield earlier in the month, to pick up a massive hot tub. Tied it to the top of his V-dub van and drove back. Dan had shown me pictures – big enough to fit 12 people – and if it had fallen from the roof it would have probably taken out a few lorries.

The night arrived and I’d spent all day in the Sky Bunker – working – so arrived a little frazzled. Dan D was there, also frazzled… so we guzzled beer and de-frazzled.

Dan B and David J Rodger Hot Tub Time Machine Party

Dan B, David J Rodger

Dan B had rigged up a convection system to heat the hot tub water. A fire brasier sat beside the tub, with an old boiler coil inside of it; burning logs providing the heat as the water circulated through the system. I clambered in around 10pm and didn’t get out again until after 1 a.m. – and then went in again another two times. Bear in mind this is in Dan B’s back yard, in the built-up urban connerbation of Bristol’s city centre (Dan B is the guy who decided to sell his house and buy a warehouse to live in, so he could “drive his v-dub into his lounge and park it there”). So yeah, bear in mind it’s Dan’s back yard… it’s -6 degress celcius… and getting out of the hot tub caused your entire body to errupt in clouds of steam. It was great.

There was a proper club soundsystem in the lower floor of the warehouse – nice decks and a medly of DJ’s mixing vinyl from 80’s rave classics through to some 70’s disco, R&B, and then some stonking techno tunes that got everybody screaming.

Come 6 o’clock in the morning there was a handful of us left – back in the hot tub and knocking back rum and lime. Very cool party.

Suffering now though *slow smile*

I decided to walk the 6 miles back home… with the temperature still hovering around minus 6 and my clothes damp from the hot tub it wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had.

Worse still – could only grab 2 hours sleep before heading out on a 1 hour drive into deepest countryside (Jo driving) to hook up with friends at a swanky pub for Sunday roast.  I didn’t say very much.  Just ate my food and acknowledged the fact the walls kept swirling in my peripheral vision.

This afternoon was bliss though. Came back home.  I built up a massive fire in the front room, then lay on the floor, on a pile of rugs, and watched Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.  And that’s been it really.  Haven’t done any of the work I’d planned for today – but it’s great to cut loose and just unwind.



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