Jerry Goldsmith – Capricorn One HD (1977)

Okay, so let me share with you some of the flesh of one my favourite movies.  Capricorn One.

movie poster for Capricorn One 1977A gem of a conspiracy thriller which is still relevant today as people speculate on manned missions to Mars.  Don’t be put off by the age of this film.  It’s a 20th century classic. Littered with some outstanding performances from Elliot Gould and Hal Holbrook and James Brolin. It charts the story of three astronauts, due to travel to Mars, who are forced off their space vessel by government spooks less than an hour before launch.  Why?  The mission is doomed due to technical failings.  But it’s less about saving their lives and more about saving face in the glare of global media attention. The astronauts are expendable and their families are leverage in the cold game of coercion.  Especially as the launch goes ahead.  The world believes it is a success, unaware of the lies and betrayals now taking place behind the scenes.  Within this mix is a jaded journalist with a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He starts to string together inconsistencies in the launch coverage, and the subsequent journey telemetry is “all wrong”.

I watched this again recently and it’s just brilliant.

To top all this is the amazing soundtrack put together by the legend: Jerry Goldsmith.

Here’s a vid of him conducting the main theme, with segues between scenes from the movie. I adore this music.

Jerry Goldsmith Conducting Theme from Capricorn One

And here’s a light-hearted scene showing the crumpled, desperate and yet determined journalist chasing down the scoop of the century; he just needs to charter a plane.

Elliot Gould takes on Telly Savalas

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