Video: Lake Tahoe California – Boont Beer and Smiles at Blue Water Bistro

Lake Tahoe, California – September 2010

Part of a California road trip.  Finally we got onto the mountain road that snaked us steeply up above Nevada and over the mountain down to Lake Tahoe. Drove through Stateline, and then into South Lake Tahoe. At first I wasn’t too happy. The whole urban sprawl is like a city, and after being in so much rural beauty it was a shock to the system and left me feeling jarred. We cruised around looking for a good place to stay. Settled on the Best Western Timber Cover Inn, which was right on the lake shore. Asked reception for a room with a view of the lake, and we got one. Room 255. Two nights. Access to the beach. Later: we strolled the beach for a while with a view to eventually heading into town. Instead I spot a bistro on the jetty, near our hotel. The Blue Water Bistro. Cocktails, followed by Boont amber ale (several), starters and nibbles. Lovely place and a great night.



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