Haunter of the Dark – View of Federal Hill by PeteAmachree (1/3)

I’ve been delving into a collection of audio renditions of some of my favourite H.P.Lovecraft stories. “Haunter of the Dark” is one that I particularly adore, especially the descriptions of the distant federal hill and the eerie black spire of the church there.

Lovecraft has been and remains to be a massive influence on my written work.  Particularly in my novels God Seed and EDGE.  I cherish the fact that his writing actually gets better the older I get, and with each time I savour it.  A true Master of a genre I believe actually belongs to him.

Anyhow, I did a little browsing and found some of these absolute classic images by the uber talent PeteAmachree on DeviantArt.

You should check out PeteAmachree on DeviantArt.

Excerpt from Haunter of the Dark, by H.P.Lovecraft

‘Of all the distant objects on Federal Hill, a certain huge, dark church most fascinated Blake. It stood out with especial distinctness at certain hours of the day, and at sunset the great tower and tapering steeple loomed blackly against the flaming sky. It seemed to rest on especially high ground; for the grimy façade, and the obliquely seen north side with sloping roof and the tops of great pointed windows, rose boldly above the tangle of surrounding ridgepoles and chimney-pots. Peculiarly grim and austere, it appeared to be built of stone, stained and weathered with the smoke and storms of a century and more. The style, so far as the glass could show, was that earliest experimental form of Gothic revival which preceded the stately Upjohn period and held over some of the outlines and proportions of the Georgian age. Perhaps it was reared around 1810 or 1815.

As months passed, Blake watched the far-off, forbidding structure with an oddly mounting interest. Since the vast windows were never lighted, he knew that it must be vacant. The longer he watched, the more his imagination worked, till at length he began to fancy curious things. He believed that a vague, singular aura of desolation hovered over the place, so that even the pigeons and swallows shunned its smoky eaves. Around other towers and belfries his glass would reveal great flocks of birds, but here they never rested. At least, that is what he thought and set down in his diary. He pointed the place out to several friends, but none of them had even been on Federal Hill or possessed the faintest notion of what the church was or had been.’

Finally, here’s part 1 of an audio rendition (via You Tube)

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David J. Rodger (born 1970 in Newcastle Upon Tyne) is a British science fiction & fantasy author and game designer best known for his novels set in a near-future world of corporate and political intrigue. So far he has published five novels; four that are set in the same world: God Seed; Dante’s Fool; Iron Man Project and Edge, and one, Dog Eat Dog, set within the post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn.

5 thoughts on “Haunter of the Dark – View of Federal Hill by PeteAmachree (1/3)

  1. it is indeed fantastic news. When it finally comes out we’ll get our asses to the cinema. I wonder if they’ll have the reservoir dogs style ending that we conjured? ;-)

    These audio readings are fantastic!

  2. *smiles* One thing you should note is that At The Mountains of Madness is not the story you rpg’d with me and the guys back in 2004. That was “Beyond the Mountains of Madness”, which is the aftermath of the first one. You’ll recognise aspects of the first story however, as what you guys found was the grisly remains of the first story.

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