Haunter of the Dark – Starry Wisdom Cult Church, by PeteAmachree (3/3)

I’ve been delving into a collection of audio renditions of some of my favourite H.P.Lovecraft stories. “Haunter of the Dark” is one that I particularly adore, especially the descriptions of the distant federal hill and the eerie black spire of the church there.

Lovecraft has been and remains to be a massive influence on my written work.  Particularly in my novels God Seed, EDGE, Living in Flames, Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.  I cherish the fact that his writing actually gets better the older I get, and with each time I savour it.  A true Master of a genre I believe actually belongs to him.

Anyhow, I did a little browsing and found some of these absolute classic images by the uber talent PeteAmachree on DeviantArt.

You should check out PeteAmachree on DeviantArt.

Excerpt from Haunter of the Dark, by H.P.Lovecraft

‘Acting almost without conscious initiative, Blake crawled through the window and let himself down to the dust-carpeted and debris-strewn concrete floor. The vaulted cellar was a vast one, without partitions; and in a corner far to the right, amid dense shadows, he saw a black archway evidently leading upstairs. He felt a peculiar sense of oppression at being actually within the great spectral building, but kept it in check as he cautiously scouted about- finding a still-intact barrel amid the dust, and rolling it over to the open window to provide for his exit. Then, bracing himself, he crossed the wide, cobweb-festooned space toward the arch. Half-choked with the omnipresent dust, and covered with ghostly gossamer fibres, he reached and began to climb the worn stone steps which rose into the darkness. He had no light, but groped carefully with his hands. After a sharp turn he felt a closed door ahead, and a little fumbling revealed its ancient latch. It opened inward, and beyond it he saw a dimly illumined corridor lined with worm-eaten panelling.

Once on the ground floor, Blake began exploring in a rapid fashion. All the inner doors were unlocked, so that he freely passed from room to room. The colossal nave was an almost eldritch place with its driffs and mountains of dust over box pews, altar, hour-glass pulpit, and sounding-board and its titanic ropes of cobweb stretching among the pointed arches of the gallery and entwining the clustered Gothic columns. Over all this hushed desolation played a hideous leaden light as the declining afternoon sun sent its rays through the strange, half-blackened panes of the great apsidal windows.’

Finally, here’s part 3 of 7 of an audio rendition (via You Tube)


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