YD Session Notes 6th June 2009 ¦ Back to Basics #1

SEPTEMBER 1st, Y+0, 10 years after Yellow Dawn
The hamlet of Red River:
A group of 20 surivors are eeking out a harsh existence in a small settlement, SIZ 2, TECH 1, in the middle of nowhere, within view of the Rocky Mountains.  The nearest settlement is 25 miles away.  Storms have just destroyed all your food stores and crops.  The settlement is facing starvation.  THe two week radio contact opens up from the closest settlement (called Red Ridge – a woman and her child are hiding out in a grain store after the entire settlement was washed away in floods and mudslides.  She’s got enough food to feed and army but very little water, can they help?

The survivors pick out the characters to take a wooden cart (no horses, sorry) the 25 miles to rescue the woman and her child, but more importantly, bring back the food that will save everyone.

The team set off, all except the former wrestler who remains behind to look after the older people, women and children.

They encounter a skinny, ragged man on the track, a man called Jacob. He’d been looking for Red Ridge… but all he found was a flood plain. He helps them find a boat.

The team rescue Mary-Jane and her child, Chad from the grain store and recover 400 KG of food. They encounter a group of desperate bandits who repeatedly harass them for food.

At one point, whilst trying to build a fire one morning, Fenriss finds himself with a knife to his throat and three men grabbing him. Taken entirely off-guard, the situation is desperate. Two other bandits are rushing towards the sleepin form of his brother, Luke.  Fenris shouts a warning.  Luke sits upright, a gun in hand, see’s the men bearing down on him and shoots.  He misses entirely, but, miraculously shoots the man holding the knife to Fenris’ throat… wounding him severely. Fenris and Luke regain control of the situation, and see the bandits off carrying their dying companion. (They give them some food).

Returning to Red River, they find a storm curtain has killed everyone. It’s horrific. The team spend two days burying  their friends of the past few years, and fending off the wolves that are sniffing an easy meal.

Mary-Jane and Chad remain behind as the team set off for New Falls.

It’s a slow treck, Jacob is really weak and slows everyone down.

By 12th September they reach New Falls. A vibrant little community on the shores of a lake.

LUke gets a lot of dark stares / borderline racial intolerance because he’s one of the Changed, but nobody actually reacts negatively towards him. In fact, he gets work as a labourer for “old man Barnes” who needs a ditch dug. It’s 6 days work at 5cp a day.

The team can’t afford to rent accomodation so they end up making a deal to sleep in Old Man Barnes, Barn, for 1 cp a night.

Jacob tries to get some work as a medic but his services are not required.

Fenris goes to the small drinking spot, negotiates with Lisa who runs the place and gets a gig that night, paid 40 cp for it. The gig goes well.  Blake means a young lady (17!!!) called Suzanne, and gets to go back to her dads place… even dad is happy with the upright Mr Blake.

The Mr Whitelock arrives. He runs the town.  He’s distraught. Bad enough his wife Mary died a couple months earlier… but two days ago his son, James, went missing.  Whitelock initially suspects the team may have had something to do with this, but then he apologises and warms to the team when they explain on of them, Blake, is a former UTOC investigator…

Whitelock hires the team to find his missing son.
RESUME @ Midnight, 12th Sept, Y+0.
Luke, Fenriss and Jacob are leaving the Inn having made a deal to meet Whitelock at his home the next morning.
Blake is up to his loins in a not-so-innocent lady.

Fenris was paid +40Cp
Luke not paid anything yet.


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