The ties that bind us

Djr Note: submitted by Simon P

[Strap Line ]
In desperate fortified villages, the vestiges of humanity survives, isolated from each other by large distances and wild beasts. You are the one who can bring separated families together and make humanity great once again.

[Players Introduction]
After YD, much of the great American continent was left to itself, nature (and some things unnatural) began to reassert their dominance. In between are small pockets of humanity, eking out existence in whatever way the can. Some have clumped together and gained sufficient critical mass to be self-sustaining. Whatever maps were available are now effectively redundant as people create new infrastructure and the old highways become overgrown. The UDP want to join up the population groups to increase commerce and the stability of the fragile human race and they’re willing to pay big bucks for you to get out there and map things out so communication lines can be created

[GM Information]
UDP wants to extend it’s political dominance by incorporating more populations into it’s sphere and discovering what natural resources are still available to be used (dams, oil)

UDP will provide basic tools/instructions and send riders out in multiple directions. Those who come back with verifiable mapped info will be rewarded

PCs will be paid quite well and have the opportunity to make a real difference in connecting people plus recognition. Maybe they’ll covet the resources for themselves

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