Archive 2008: Temperature Drop and an update

23rd Nov 2008

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

07:45 GMT, Sunday, 23rd November 2008.  Calm and white sky above my head.  No music playing, just the gentle and persistent hum of life-support, blowing warm air across my legs in contrast to the icy nip of the air in the house.  It’s nearly sub-zero out there and not far off that in here.  I quite enjoy that; a force of habit after spending 11 years in the Happy Flat (no heating).  I’m not long out of bed; slipping out from the big duvet soaked in heat from Jo’s body…I’ll probably end up back in that sumptuous cave after I’ve done a session of writing up NTODS, or, maybe grab a chance to enjoy the city without all the people and jump into Swampy, drive down to the harbourside, park up by Dom’s old place, wander across to the Arnolfini or press on up Park Street to the old faithful, Boston Tea Party.
Had an excellent night yesterday.  Jo invited around Hercules Poirot (Lloyd) for dinner; I prepared and put on a huge pan of chilli around 2pm, a really low heat after sealing the meat…and left it to cook until 6.30.  One of the best chilli’s ever.  Then an evening supping wine in the front room, flopped out on big sofas with the fire roaring away…the heat washing over us, relaxing, the magical colour of the flames, crystal goblets of red wine glowing in the firelight, shadows and colours dancing across the walls in the darkened room.
The week has flown by.  Work wise, I’m about to push-live a new site we’ve been building for the last few weeks; had a Board review of it on Friday morning which went well, so, a few tweaks and then a Monday or Tuesday Go-Live.  My permanent contract for the company arrived, so good news there.

I spoke to mum briefly; she’s in excellent spirits, certainly reflecting her good news from the consultant last week.  Right now they’ve got snow up in the North-East, unlike the freezing rain currently spitting against the canopy above my head.  My sister is finding her feet after the glory of passing her Masters (Merit) and crashing into the mundane world of work and looking for funding.
Jo returned from her biz trip to Paris on Tuesday night bearing gifts (ooo-laa-laa) and stories of nocturnal adventures *grins*.

Progress with New Tokyo, Orbit and Deep Space (NTODS) continues, slowly, but steadily. I’ve taken a conscious decision not to beat myself with getting in finished with any insane urgency – as I normally tend to do – instead it’ll be finished when it’s finished.  I’ve got two weeks off work over Christmas / New Year which will be a rare return to the  days when I had endless days to write (2005-2007).  Yellow Dawn itself, the primary rulebook (2nd Edition), is approaching it’s first birthday; I’m working on a version 2.1 to release early in 2009, containing the few bits of errata discovered this year, and some other tweaks here and there.
My Man in Germany has an online identity: Nachtflug.  We’ve been exchanging emails for a few weeks now, and I’m really enjoying getting to know him.  His English is first class, as opposed to my German skills which are virtually zero.  So I’m grateful for the extra effort he’s obviously putting in, writing to me in a non-native language.
Three people who are sharing their writing journey with me are in a variety of states: Sharky’s stumbled with writers block after a long period of steady progress… there is no such thing as “writers block” so I’m hoping he finds somewhere without distractions, grabs a pad and pencil, a strong cup of coffee, and writes ideas until the engine kicks in again.  Pete – DVH – “Dr Van Helsing” has reached 50,000 words with a sci-fi novel he charmingly describes as “Friends in Space”, however, I’ve already read some of the early incarnation and I have to say I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing when finished.  Mary R is being Mary R…currently in a flurry of creativity, no doubt building on the confidence boosting success of having one of her short stories included in an anthology of North American spooky tales; we’re sharing our delight of Solar Fields and Ladytron.
That’s it for now.
Over & Out.

EDIT: 12:51 hrs, just got back from a brief venture into town. The weather is shitty enough to keep most of the zombies in their over-heated homes.  Grabbed a table at the Arnolfini, by the window overlooking harbour.  Strong Americano with a drop of milk, a delicious Pain au Chocolat to go with it.  Delicious.  One of those vivid moments of self-awareness when a voice in your head is saying “this is good”.


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