Archive 2008: Departure Lounge, Taxi ride with Elvis and a ghost, bliss in Jesus Mound

10th Nov 2008

¦ dialling in from Newcastle Airport ¦

06:24 GMT, Monday 10th November 2008. Sitting in the departure lounge at some generic “Burnt” coffee concession.  Surprisingly not dazed, despite the 5 A.M. wake-up and 5.30 taxi ride from Jesus Mound.  No doubt a result of me going to bed at a decent time rather than trying to prolong the blissful bubble-world and staying up til 3 A.m. like I did last time, knocking back whisky and enjoying the silence.

Had a surreal moment during taxi ride.  It was all very nice, reclined in big leather seat up-front, silent driver, heaters on gentle warming breeze, my head tilted to the side, eyes lazily watching Newcastle sliding past the windows… the city mostly still asleep; darkness padding out most of the view, interspersed by globs of sodium orange lighting.  The radio was playing easy tunes from the 70s.  Then Elvis Presley came on, not sure of the name of the track but KLF sampled it for the WHITE ROOM and I was immediately transported back to Osborne Avenue 1990…and then a temporal fast forward to May this year, and me playing a rip of the WHITE ROOM video on my laptop in a private villa in the remote mountains of Cyprus. Okay, I’m rambling.  The surreal moment was when Nial Diamond started crooning next, and suddenly the bear-like lump of silence next to me began to morf into my dad.  I didn’t look at him directly, but the size of his hands on the wheel; that “old man” burgundy jumper; the rhythmic wheezing and sighing to his breathing.  It’s approaching the 2nd anniversary of my Dad dying… so I was a little startled to have this experience.  It passed as quickly as it came.

So, the excellent news:

It’s all to do with “Yellow Dawn” and German Magazine for Call of Cthulhu : “Cthuloide Welten”

Frank Heller – the Chief Editor for “Cthuloide Welten” has decided to commission an article about “Yellow Dawn” from the point of view as a recommended world for Call of Cthulhu.  This feels like a wonderful endorsement of my work. The article won’t be completed for some time and is expected to be in included in next October’s edition (2009).  After I’ve invested so much time, sweat and money, it’s fantastic to see a significant player in the industry buying-into my ideas.  Big shout to Alexander for his enthusiasm and support, and for acting as an agent of Karma / Serendipity. Thanks fella.

Hopefully though, news of this endorsement will spread amongst those lovers of the Cthulhu Mythos and generate further interest in Yellow Dawn as a legitimate game system.

I’m in the airport to catch a flight back to Bristol after a long weekend up North.  It’s been great, as usual.  This trip had a special purpose. Well, two actually.  One, was to celebrate and congratulate my sister for passing her Masters with a merit. Whoo-hoo! Check out the brain.  I took her, my mum and Jo out to a superb little place called Blackfriars Restaurant, tucked away in the ancient heart of Medieval Newcastle… where old stone walls and cobblestones still square up to the weather and stand proud.  Blackfriars has been around since the 13th Century… of course, they’ve updated the menu and the staff, a little… so I tucked into succulent meats, washed down with wine, Mead, and a hearty tumbler of Oban single malt. A very good (and expensive) night, but worth it.

The second reason for being up North was Pete (next door), and his bonfire.  This guy spends the better part of half a year spotting skips filled with wood, window frames and old doors, and brings them back to his garden. On Bonfire Night the whole lot goes up.  This year was no exception.  It was great to hang out with Pete into the wee hours, supping wine and letting his talk with enthusiasm and excitement about his writing (he’s started his first novel).  Of course, no trip to Newcastle is complete without a bloody battle of wits, dark powers, garlic, crucifixes and wooden stakes: I’m talking about The Fury Of Dracula (1980s version).  Fantastic session that saw Rosie (Dracula) stabbed to death (repeatedly) by Pete somewhere in Southern Spain.



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