Photo: Occult Sandcastles – South of France

HIAB-X and myself get creative with sand

First time I went to South of France.  Went there with my girlfriend and took along my good friend and soul brother Mr HIAB-X.  First time I’d really gotten to enjoy the Med. Fell in love with it instantly. This is a place near Montpellier and “just down the road” from my favourite Crusader Fortress: Aigues Mortes.  The area had a massive impact on my imagination and led to me weaving it into the post-apocalyptic thriller – Dog Eat Dog – and the Yellow Dawn (Age of Hastur) campaign book – Shadows of the Quantinex.

HIAB-X in South of France

HIAB-X in South of France

On the beach there were tons of families with kids carrying around buckets and spades. HIAB-X and I got creative with pouring sand and water mix from out hands, building up layers into interesting structures. Had a dozen kids hanging around us in awe: time to construct a pentangle then!  Silly but fun. We were very proud sand cultists.

occult sandcastles  HIAB_X and David J Rodger in South of France

HIAB-X (left) and DJR


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