VIDEO: 1990, Jesus Mound – A Night in the Life

1990 – Jesus Mound

This was a great place to live.  I moved into Osborne Avenue in 1990 and moved out in October 1991 when I threw everything I owned into a car I’d hired (one way) and drove to a city I’d never been to before – a place called Bristol. Where, 22 years later, I’m still at.

A massive shared house in Jesmond. Some really fun characters. Also, Jesmond being the place it was back then had a fun, informal village vibe. All my friends lived within walking distance of each other and my room, up at the top of the house overlooking the graveyard, was often used as a place for folks to crash when it got to late (and messy) to get home.
And yeah, that is a really BAD shirt I am wearing.


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