Living in Flames – Finished.

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦  Brain-mashed, squeezed dry of creative juice.  It’s been a marathon day of keyboard hammering fingerstrokes.  After, what… 3 months?  I’ve finished the second novel of the year.  Whoo-hooo *weak smile*  Will update more tomorrow, but, the bugger is done.

Just need to proofread, review and edit, this one and the rest of Dog Eat Dog (other book I finished recently).  Hopefully have both out in November.  Fingers crossed.

Living in Flames, chapter 30 finished (and another one added to the plan)

Arrgh, getting so close to finishing this beastly baby. This was supposed to be the penultimate chapter but events lead themselves without my say, sometimes, and the story needs another chapter inserted to round off the reader’s POV about what happens to a particular character.  Mwwhwhaaaaa *evil laugh* .  Still, I’m loving it, really INTO the vibe and mood and visuals of the story.  Writing sessions like this, and the weekend, it’s like watching your favourite movie inside your head.  You can read sample chapter of Living in Flames here.

Living in Flames, penultimate chapter & Fields of the #Nephilim

¦ dialling in from the Sky Bunker ¦  Just past 9pm so gonna call it a day / weekend on the book, for now.  Managed to condense a part and drop the need for one chapter.  So I’ve just started chapter 30, which means next chapter is the end.  On target for getting out 2 novels in one year.  Dog Eat Dog and Living in Flames.  Bring it on.

Meanwhile, having been digging through old vinyl.  Tonight’s mood created by the riffing guitars and snarling  awesomeness of Fields of the Nephilim.  Here’s audio of Endemoniada.



Living in Flames, chapter 28 finished

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦  Life support on and blowing warm air across my bare legs. I’m wrapped in Starsky, unshaven, hair sticking out in random clumps. Big progress with novel today.  Using my Da Vinci method (polyphasic sleep) to keep my brain spiking. Umm, and a healthy dose of caffeine from the steel octagon god (picture taken and uploaded on request from Mr Floyd Hayes).

I’m now slicing into Chapter 29 ( Living in Flames).  Might get it finished today…

Living in Flames, Chapter 27 finished

Sunday morning and it’s pissing down with rain outside.  Distant green hills surrounding Bristol are lost within the grey haze.  Eerie and atmospheric.  Love it.  I’m slicing into Chapter 28 now (Living in Flames).  There’s only 32 mapped out so I guess that means I’m getting close to the end.  Oooooo.

*goes to brew up a proper coffee in the steel octagonal God*

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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