Travel Video: Morocco, Kalesh Ride Through Marrakech

Morocco – Marrakech

A 2 minute video I put together from a 90 minute Kalesh ride through Marrakech. As far as Kalesh rides go, this was pretty amazing. It tied together the whole trip, from poverty to palaces, from quiet to bedlam. Marrakech is a place of contrasts rubbing shoulder to shoulder.

Soundtrack: Manifestation by Haujobb (from 1996 album Dream Injection)


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David J Rodger – DATA

Video: The Matthew (1497) sails through Bristol harbour in rain

Historic Caravel Slides Past in the Rain

I filmed this sitting on the Grain Barge (bar).  Like a scene from the classic John Carpenter movie The Fog (1980), the Matthew came drifting out of the rain.  The Matthew is a replica of a caravel sailed by John Cabot in 1497 from Bristol, England to North America. Read more on Wikipedia:

I used the merchant history of Bristol in the near future science-fiction dark fantasy novel: Living in Flames