Personal Blog: weather, gaming, writing

¦ dialing in from the Sky Bunker ¦

Heavy grey sky pressing low and close to the glass canopy above my head. The crests of distant hills are lost in those clouds. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was freakishly warm, a sparkling gem of a gift for this late in November in England. I was able to spend the entire afternoon sitting outside one of my daily haunts, with golden light sloping in low between the structures of the historic harbour here in Bristol.  A nice way to spend a block of writing time.

David J Rodger outside Brigstow Lounge Bristol harbour working on The Stones, short Cthulhu Mythos fiction

DJR – Brigstow Lounge – Working on “The Stones”

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Personal Blog: In the flow of things

| Dialling in from the Wild Trapeze Cafe |

Hello Newcastle.

Nursing a mild hangover thanks to Mr Lone Pine and some late night games of Fury of Dracula last night.

Visiting friends in Newcastle but also here to enjoy time in one my favourite cafes in the world: the Wild Trapeze. Also to enjoy strolling through the streets of Heaton and Jesmond, down through the heavy woods of the Dene… roaming places that have been central to my imagination and my inspiration.

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